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What are the advantages of kraft paper bag making?

Today, kraft paper bags are widely used, and many companies have seen good business opportunities and are also the reason consumers are favored. However, there are many kinds of kraft paper bags, but the use of kraft paper bags is also very wide. What are the advantages of kraft paper bags? This is also a concern of enterprises.
1. Kraft paper bags have strong environmental performance. From the rise of environmental protection to the present, kraft paper has brought people the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting and recyclable, and the market competitiveness has been significantly enhanced.
2, printing performance is strong. There is a problem of coloring in the kraft paper bag itself. No full page printing is required for printing. Only by purchasing the beauty that can be produced will the effect become more prominent. It not only reduces printing costs, but also greatly reduces printing costs and periodic display.
3, additive performance, compared with shrink film, kraft paper has better listening and reading performance, has a certain cushioning performance, anti-drop performance, products can add mechanical parts, good cushioning, special effects of composite processing.
When it comes to the advantages of cowhide bags, there are naturally disadvantages and disadvantages.
1. The printing color is rich and the pattern is exquisite, and the kraft paper bag can not achieve this effect, especially the surface is rough, the ink will produce uneven ink on the surface of the kraft paper bag, and the plastic packaging bag and the printing pattern are relatively delicate.
2, can not meet the water, kraft paper bags are easy to soften, and the storage should be kept ventilated and dry, plastic bags have this problem, so in the packaging, the product is easy to think that the packaging is a liquid packaging, try not to use this kraft paper material, if you must use If you are, oh. You must choose some kraft paper, you can use a composite film, or you can avoid kraft paper. Contact the liquid to ensure the effect of the kraft paper bag.
Regarding the pros and cons of making cowhide bags, I believe that the merchants of leather bags have a certain understanding of the cowhide bags, so the cowhide bags will become more and more strange, and even let you know the usability and shortcomings of the cowhide bags, I hope to help you.

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