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What are the characteristics of high temperature resistant boiled bags?

The high temperature resistant boiled bags is a non-simple packaging bag that can carry out the heat process. It has the advantages of both the can ash hopper and the boiling water resistant plastic bag, so it is also called "hard packaging". Relying on everyone's long-term dependence, it is clarified that he is an ideal pedestal decoration ash.

The high temperature resistant boiled bags is usually not formed by multiple layers of content. The general high temperature resistant retort pouch is made up of: the outer layer is made of PET film for improvement; the middle layer is made of foil for light, moisture and leakage prevention; The innermost layer is a polyolefin film (such as a polypropylene film) for heat sealing and contact with meals.

The advantages ofhigh temperature resistant boiled bags: In the packaging place, the high temperature retort pouch has more advantages than the cardigan ash hopper and frozen food fully automatic: the color and shape of the meal are used. The high-temperature retort pouch is thin, and it can solve the problem of bacteriostatic in a few energy hours. As much as possible, the color and shape of the meal are preserved.

Vulnerabilities in high temperature resistant boiled bags: There is also a lack of high temperature retort pouches. If you don't know the belief bagging device, it will recommend 100% damage to mass production.

Product brand finishing of high temperature resistant boiled bags: After the bag is finished, the volume information of the bag is updated and sealed (understand: information and entrepreneurs point out that the information is compared with this, avoiding water or supplementing nutrients, and sealing Try to clean the inside of the bag as much as possible to avoid the initial test effect of the surrounding expansion damage during cooking. Mix the ts-26c back pressure inside the hot pot, and set the working environment for the entrepreneur to have problems (heating, energy time, sorrow) The test of warm cooking; the resistance of the temperature-resistant bag is currently the high-temperature cooking bag of the earth. A few people always use the dry method to detect, and a little is also the solvent-free method or co-extrusion method to detect. After the cooking, the upper layer of the security inspection: the surface of the bag should be flat; if there is a subtle condition, it is not comfortable.

At present, the development of polyethylene-based barrier-proof films is more recommended for packaging. The barrier film combines oxygen to prevent permeability and moisture to prevent permeability. The polymer compound does not contain toxic or harmful elements. When it depends, it is cumbersome to produce a toxic and harmful element transition state. The barrier content is that the microorganism forms high-energy molecular content and has water decomposition. And the decomposition of bacteria on both sides can be completely decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, which is a good space like fusion content, which can replace the cover film in many aspects. It is mainly for safety reasons. It is best used in the decoration of birds, fast-frozen and easy-to-package bags, and non-packaged bags (such as insecticides). It has a wide range of uses.

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