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Vacuum bag packaging method and form

Vacuum bag packaging

Instead, it is filled into molded bags. Another form of packaging is vacuum bag packaging, which is widely used in frozen foods. The advantage is that the individual's heavier food (such as pig's trotters or big balls, etc.), this tight packaging will give consumers a sensory value. The automatic vacuum packaging equipment is easy to operate, beautiful in appearance and easy to adjust. Another method is to use a new device of automatic equipment, consisting of upper and lower packaging films, the content is filled on the machine of the movie, then the first three movies and a sealed upper surface, then vacuum, followed by continuous operation The second seal. In foreign countries, this type of equipment is a rate system that is already used in frozen foods and other dumplings when massaging hamburgers. The main packaging materials are soft, mainly nylon/pe, which has good formability and non-expandability. The upper film is made of polyester/pe composite material, which is sensitive to photocells and suitable for printing.

2. Aluminum foil packaging

As a packaging material, aluminum foil has the advantages of heat resistance, cold resistance, good barrier property, and the like, and can prevent food from absorbing external bad odor, odor, drying of food and weight reduction. This material has good thermal conductivity and is suitable as a container for reheating after thawing.

3. Package for microwave oven

With the spread of microwave ovens, packaging containers for frozen foods suitable for microwave heating have a heated plastic box that can be used in both microwave ovens and ovens. The press-fit container developed by American internationalpaper company is extruded from long-fiber base paper and polyester. The paper thickness ranges from 0.43 mm to 0.69 mm, and the coating thickness ranges from 25 μm to 38 μm. Generally, it can withstand 200 ° C to 300 ° C. high temperature. The packaging materials for frozen foods heated by Japanese special microwave ovens are polyester/paper, polypropylene, and heat-resistant polyester.

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